Thursday, 18 October 2007

"Mother Fucking Zombies" a film with Samual L. Jackson.

"Somewhere on American soil in a top secret government scientific base a dangerous and terrifying virus has escaped the confines of the lab it was breed in. The infected scientist having become Zombie like walking killing machines, who crave human blood and flesh, have disrupted other top secret experiments at the base; including a Sonic Super Weapon (tm), which has been accidentally activated and subsequently fired a wave of sound energy deep into the Earth causing the rapid destabilisation of the planets Core.

Else ware, and unaware of the global crisis, a Level 5 expert crime scene investigator, played by Samual L Jackson ("He's in everything!" - Chris, from Family Guy), has almost cracked the case of the decade - tracking down a brutal, and Jackson suspects female sexual predator and serial killer. At the scene of her last crime he lays in wait - because as we all know brutal serial killers always return to the scene of the their misdemeanours.

Not content with fucking up snakes, Jackson is gonna screw with some Zombies.

Just as the killer, played by some hot chick (doesn't really matter who), arrives and Samual prepares to pounce they are both knocked to the floor by a violent volcanic eruption. As they land atop one other; the sexual chemistry is obvious.

Meanwhile around the world volcano's have been made active by the Zombie's accidental firing of the top secret Sonic Super Weapon (tm). We are treated so some great CGI of unlikely places like London and Paris being flooded with lava and destroyed by fiery volcano death (tm).

Back on his feet now, and undeterred by what is from his perspective a mystery explosion of unknown origin, Jackson attempts to apprehend the killer - however, just as he gets within cuffing range of the hot, but deranged, serial murderer - Zombies burst through the window of the crime scene.

"What in the motherfuck is going on here?" Jackson questions.

The killer and Jackson fight off the Zombies and on seeing volcano's erupt in the distance and the emergency test signal on the television decide to team up to find out just what the hell is going on - "You just keep your motherfucking hot psycho ass in check, ya' hear?" Jackson requests.

The unlikely pair are lead on a path of shotgun brandishing Zombie killing until they find the now retired inventor of both the Sonic Super Weapon (tm) and the Zombie Virus, lead to him by top secret documents found on the corpse of a decapitated Zombie ex-scientist - the film then focuses on a race against time to create not only the antidote to the Zombie Virus, but a way to counter act the devastating effects of the Sonic Super Weapon (tm)!

"Mother Fucking Zombies" - Rated 18 (Tits, blood, and zombies)."

Believe it or not, this is not a real film, in fact this is just me taking all the things my girlfriend seems to like in a movie and weaving a plot around it. However:

Mr L Jackson, or perhaps FOX, if you wanna give me an email we can talk about $ and screenplays!

moarinternets [at] gmail [dot] com.

K, thanks.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Waste Time Online?

Don't depair - we all do it these days, it's the new rock and roll, and this site is turning out to be a great link dump for the internet Mick Jaggar- a site to aid our online time wastage to be remembered, check it out - no registration, no score, no pseudo karma, just links for you to decide if you like or not - because frankly, who really cares if someone else likes a site as long as you do? This site is about non judgemental sharing. And fair play to it.

So go ahead and Waste Time Online.

This link kills spam, your mum spammers, your mum.

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