Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Lib Dem orly?

The UK smoking ban is bollocks... and not just on principle.

When other countries have decided to institute a 'smoking ban', things have been planned out. Places had time to chose, arrange and more importantly heat their smoking areas. The idea of smoking outside isn't bad when accompanied with heating and a proper place to stand or sit, indeed, the whole concept of a "smoking ban" almost works on those terms - if it has to happen at all.

Dublin is a great example of somewhere the smoking ban has kinda worked. Well done Dublin.

England as a whole however, has failed. The ban swept in, threw smokers outside and basically forgot about them. Pubs had no time or inclination to actually get their acts together with outdoor provisions for their smoking patrons; the whole thing is a badly planned poorly executed mess - which reduces smokers to second class citizens in a public sense.

And now as we head into the dead of winter. I am cold, often wet and repeatedly ill as a direct result of it.

"Don't have a cig then, if it's too cold!" the idiots suggest.

Fuck you. Just fuck you.

Everyone else sign this​/smokinglicenses/

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