Thursday, 15 November 2007

I have had it with Firefox.

I remember the concept of "taking back the web" - I remember the spin. I remember how Firefox grew from a good idea to a feasible market force, and I remember how almost the instant it was credible as an alternative to Internet Explorer, the most ill conceived bit of software in history, things started to go wrong.

As an aside regarding Internet Explorer, who on Earth thought it a good idea to integrate something net-facing into the guts of an operating system ? Did no one see the problem with that particular concept coming a mile off, even if they were perhaps not so apparent in the early days? Come on people, seriously. Although that was from the company who's CEO claimed that 64kb would be enough for anyone... Go figure.

Back to Mozilla's claim to fame, Firefox. As the software became more popular the development team did not react well to on mass criticism - it is tough to deal with, but slagging off frustrated users and claiming problems are features was never the way to go. I got slightly worried at this point - but Firefox was fast, reliable, and best of all not Microsoft Internet Explorer. So I continued to use it.

More serious bugs started to appear as time dragged on, bugs that came not from Firefox but from the antiquated framework Gecko, the guts of all things browser and Mozilla, started to rear their ugly heads. Such things were exploited. The adage, and for a long time battle cry of Internet Explorer fans, all 5 of them, that the only reason Firefox was so secure was because less people were using it and thus less malicious users were targeting it began to prove itself as 100% true.

In retrospect I should have stopped using Firefox the moment I read that malicious code on a site could read and print your password list. I didn't. I just stopped saving passwords in Firefox. Why should I have to do that in software that was supposedly designed, and built it's reputation on being apparently 'secure'.

So with Firefox today, what do we actually have? A bloated mess of a browser, just as or almost as insecure as MSIE, plagued by constant updates, I got 3 in one week recentlywhile I was busy working in the browser, which bugged me you know? Yeah it's for 'my own good' they patch a bug, but still, It annoyed me - even before the crux of the matter that was pissing me off. But the real problem with all these updates, in a word or two; weird bugs. That's the problem.

Recently, every time firefox and the invaluable "no script" plugin updated; it lost not only all my noscript settings (ie. which sites I trust etc) but all my Firefox settings too. First time it happened I thought it'd be a one off problem, I let it go. This happened about 5 times; I was too busy to work out what the problem was, even if it was my own, although I frankly don't see what I could have done to have cause such an issue - I am free from 'bad'ware in all it's forms.

Today - it did Firefox did that twice. During the same session. That was it. Today Firefox pushed me to the end of my tether, I am now typing this on Opera. I'd feel ashamed if I had a fucking choice what so ever.

Yes, before the trolls pipe up, this is another rant. But seriously, Firefox, Mozilla... I think somewhere along the line you've either;

a) realised why Explorer had such a hard deal (other than it was part of the OS which was always a bloody stupid idea).


b) completely forgotten why you started to create Firefox in the first place.

Either way, you just lost one convert.

I am sure you've lost more.

And I am completely convinced you will lose even more as time goes on.

Oh internets, how the mighty come and go...

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