Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The 5 Most Needlessly Epic Metal Music Videos

The following is a list of the five most needlessly epic metal (or there abouts) music videos I still for some reason totally approve of. Enjoy.

1. Cradle of filth - Nymphetamine

Synopsis: It takes nearly 9 mins for her to take her shoe off while Danny Filth wears a dress and makes love to the microphone. And that's just the beginning of the epicness.

2. Rammstein - Sonne

Synopsis: Snow White gives the seven Dwarves a good spanking.

3. Horse The Band - Bunnies

Synopsis: Needless torture of an 8bit bunny.

4. Deathstars - Syndrome

Synopsis: The Deathstars want to be "inside" (with extra added Nuns for no apparent reason).

5. Ever Forever

Synopsis: 1980's Smoke and Wind effects FTW!

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