Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Imperial Tech Support...

This what happens when I announce I am doing Tech Support today...

Mr R.
Today at 12:33pm

I'm having trouble with my death star.
I'ts 99.99% indestructible.
What can I do to remove the "point 01"

Digital Nobody.
Today at 12:35pm

This is a common problem Sir, have you considered nailing some sheet metal or criss-cross fencing over the exhaust port? We also advice the summary execution of all Bothan's in the local area.

Mr R.
Today at 12:35pm

That sounds ideal!

Could you get it done tomorrow if money was no object?

Digital Nobody.
Today at 12:36pm

I'll send a couple of guys over in EV suits with some plywood and sheet metal within the hour sir. The execution teams are all busy at the moment, I'll have the death squads round up as many Bothan's as they can by the end of tomorrow. Is that ok Sir? Is there anything else?

Mr R.
Today at 12:43pm

Just one more thing...

My gunnery sergeants are worried about falling over a precipice into my giant death star gun, they have asked me for a rail but I'm worried that they would be leaning on it. They say its doesn't bother them that much cos they're gonna' be famous singers soon, what do you suggest?

Digital Nobody.
Today at 12:47pm

20 lashes with a horsewhip for such insubordination is Imperial Standard Sir.

Thank for using the Imperial Tech Support Service.

Hail the Emperor!

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