Thursday, 11 October 2007

Old women gets the horn - no really, unicorn style.

Deep in the depths of Zhanjiang south China a 95 year old woman has sprouted a 12 centimetre long horn on her forehead - seemingly for no reason what so ever. Doctors are said to be "baffled" by the protrusion - and can only speculate that the women, Xiou Ling is suffering some kind of rare and obscure "hormone imbalance".

Is that some kind of entry level pun do you think? Horn-Mone? I'd like to think so.


Meanwhile, somewhere on the internet... people are laughing at her picture.

Her family are said to be "saving up to have it [the horn] removed". Good. She's scaring the children.

In other, happier news, Xiou Ling has won the "unitentially looking like a Manga bad guy" award 2007 - hands down.

I wish the old dear well in removing the thing.

1 comment:

Sanjay said...

Old women gets the horn no really unicorn style all the best love me for this guys.

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