Thursday, 20 September 2007

1 In 33 Teens Admit Trying Meth. Photo or it didn't happen.

A new survey shows that one in 33 U.S. teens has tried meth, nearly a quarter say it would be easy to get meth, and some see benefits to meth use.

The survey included about 2,600 students aged 12-17 at 43 public, private, and parochial junior and senior high schools nationwide. The margin of error is on average +/- 2 percentage points.

During class last spring, the students completed the confidential surveys about methamphetamine (meth) use.

The results show that most teens haven't tried meth. But many say they could get meth pretty easily if they tried.

Digital Nobody says;

That's only 32 in 33 to go then! Meth ftw! Tweak, tweak, tweak!

Seriously though 1 in 33 teens prolly claim to have banged a lap dancer as well, a further 1 in 33 probably claim to be real life paranormal investigators or laughingly 'admit' to be Jedi Knights. Just because someone "admits" to something on a faceless survey dished out my "the man" doesn't mean that it actually happened.

Further more, they surveyed a pathetic 2,600 students in total for this bullshit. Great. I know a multitude of camwhores with more people on their Myspace. Lets get them to take the same survey - it'd be no less relevant, I wonder how many Myspaz stalkers have tried meth and if it's any more than 1 in 33? Tards.

Aside from the limited pool of people taking the survey, the fact none of the claims have been verified rings alarm bells with me in terms of CBS publishing the “results” of this survey as anything other than a complete waste of time.

Again as with so many things in modern life the internet shows us a fantastic way of verifying such claims that perhaps those who dish out these lame ass surveys should adopt; Photo or it didn't happen.

That's how we do shit.

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