Thursday, 20 September 2007

Army Overlords Demonstrate Pain Ray On Insolent Journalist.

Slashdot Says;

Fantastic Lad writes to tell us that journalist Michael Hanlon recently got the opportunity to experience the Army's new not-so-secret weapon, dubbed "Silent Guardian". The Silent Guardian is essentially (even though the creators prefer you not refer to it as such) a ray gun, emitting a focused beam of radiation similar to your microwave tuned to a specific frequency to stimulate human nerve endings. "It can throw a wave of agony nearly half a mile. Because the beam penetrates skin only to a depth of 1/64th of an inch, it cannot, says Raytheon, cause visible, permanent injury. But anyone in the beam's path will feel, over their entire body, the agonizing sensation I've just felt on my fingertip. The prospect doesn't bear thinking about. "

Digital Nobody Says;

Who'd volunteer to have a "pain ray" fired at them? Isn't that traditionally what mice and dogs are for in demonstrations of weirdly sci-fi esq military tech? I can imagine the office of the journo that morning, the editor pipes up "Ok guys, the army have some kinda' non-lethal weird ray gun that causes pain... who wants to go get shot?"

As an aside I bet they are having uber amounts of fun with this down on the coast at Gitmo!

Gitmo - where the real tests and demonstrations were made!

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