Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Star Trek Deep Space 9 Drinking Game!

This is classic...

Before the show starts, everyone picks a character. Everytime the character you picked gets into a confrontation, conflict, or fight, take a drink.

Plus take a drink whenever:

  • Something isn't working properly on the station.
  • Anyone says 'DS9' as the name of the space station.
  • Violence breaks out on the promenade ring.
  • The wormhole is shown/opens (this includes the opening credits).
  • The station is shown from outside.
  • The 'cog' airlocks are used/operated.
  • Any door is seen opened manually (if it's a 'cog', take two).
  • Somebody mentions Bajor (only one drink per line; any number during the scene).
  • Sisko threatens somebody.
  • Someone hits on Dax.
  • Odo is puzzled by humanoid behavior.
  • Garak uses clothing as a euphemism for something else.
  • Dr. Bashir suggests something patently unwise.

And then take a drink and do an action everytime:

  • Someone rides the elevator to/from the control room.
    Action: Say "going up?" or "going down?"
  • A shuttlecraft is shown.
    Action: Guess the name of the craft out loud.
  • Odo shapeshifts.
    Action: Say "Jell-O!".
  • O'Brien uses the transporters.
    Action: Nostalgic sigh.
  • Jake Sisko gets in trouble.
    Action: Say "Kids these days!".
  • Kira has a case of divided loyalties.
    Action: Put a drink in each hand and have a drink from both.
  • Quark is seen behind the bar.
    Action: Take a second drink, or have a shot of something stronger.

Plus, chug a whole beer when and if:

  • Someone from Star Trek: The Next Generation makes an appearance (members of the O'Brien family don't count, but secondary characters and extras if you can identify them absolutely do count)
  • Sisko backs down or knuckles under to someone else.
  • Odo does something intentionally humorous.
  • Dr. Bashir does something clever not related to medicine.
  • Dax gets into an amorous (sexual) encounter.
  • O'Brien is asked to jury-rig something to save the day and it doesn't work.
  • Quark does something selfless.

An average one hour episode consumes three beers per participant.

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