Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Jack Thompson Decides He's In GTA IV, Internet laughs.

Slashdot Says;

"Outspoken anti-games lawyer Jack Thompson has decided that a representation of a 2nd amendment lawyer in GTA IV is a mocking version of him. He has declared that if the representation is not removed he will attempt to block the release of the game. Excerpt from GamePolitics: 'The showcasing play of the game to Game Informer revealed that the first killing mission of the hero of the game, Niko, is to kill a certain lawyer. When Niko comes into this lawyer's office, having used subterfuge to do so, Niko pulls a gun on the lawyer who says, that the firm supports the second amendment and that 'Guns don't kill people. Video games do.'"

Digital Nobody Says;

Man this is funny. Summed up in this Slashdot post:

Dear Jack,

This story is progressing nicely across the net. Thank you for taking the bait and supplying us with the free advertisement. We couldn't have bought this much coverage for a million dollars.

Take Two Entertainment

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