Tuesday, 18 September 2007

We all love a good Tasering.


During a political rally at the University of Florida, a student described as "annoying" was tasered while attempting to ask Senator Kerry some questions regarding the 2004 election. I wish I could taser people I found annoying, that'd be fucking brilliant. Police are apparently "looking into" whether excessive force was used to prevent the student from going over his alloted question period.

Digital Nobody Says;

No excessive force here, I think tasering retards is perfectly legitimate way to quell free speech in a Police state. Also the cries of "Help, help, help" about 2 mins in are great and remind me of Monty Python; "Help, help I'm being repressed!" from the Holy Grial. Awesome. In all seriousness, when it gets to the stage you are going to get tasered by over zealous rent-a-cops, tip: shutup and get carried out. Or get tasered. Ultimately, it's your call.

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